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Alicia Underwood (She/Her)

The heat of the lights, rehearsing at the last moment, and standing by for the word: Action! – these were all parts of Alicia Underwood’s week-long summer camp that made her realize that acting was the career made for her. The rush of energy and excitement she feels before the start of a scene, along with the imagination and creativity required to bring a character to life, is what keeps her passion burning. Alicia loves telling great stories and encountering new experiences, all of which have led her to land roles across various films and television series including Ghost Party, House of Dolls, Last Culprit, and Amazing Grace: The True Story. She also has 9 videos with Dhar Mann Studios, which can be found on all social media platforms. Her success and hard work gave her motivation to make the big move to Los Angeles where she enjoys training and refining her craft at the LA Actors Studios and MAD Acting Studios.

Acting Reel